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At the conclusion of 1999, Miller Insurance took a gamble that the clock changing from 1999 to 2000 wouldn’t actually thrown our world economies into a tail spin. Thankfully, the apocalyptic rhetoric about “Y2K” ended up being nothing of substance, and we followed through on a partnership with Norcen Insurance. Norcen Insurance had offices in Culver, IN and Lapaz, IN. The Lapaz office was consolidated into the Bremen office, but the Culver office remains today.

The Culver office, and Norcen agency, is a legacy of Bob Kline and Jim Johnson. We are thankful for their trust in us as we have served our mutual clients in Culver for almost twenty years!

Scot McKinnis and Lisa Hartman are both Culver residents with deep ties to the community.

Culver Office

116 N Main St #1,
Culver, IN 46511

phone: 574-842-4400
toll-free: 888-345-3049
fax: 574-842-4205

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Culver Office Team

Heather  Chambers

Heather Chambers

Customer Service Representative

Missi Coffel

Missi Coffel

Customer Service Representative – Commercial Lines

Lisa Hartman

Lisa Hartman

Customer Service Representative